Terms of participation

The participation in the contest of Easybucks is completely free and depends solely on the terms of participation.

Termination of the competition:

The duration of the program is limited by the existence of this website. Within that period of time users get the chance to take part in our program. The provider expressly reserves the right to end or interrupt the competition at any time. In the event of uncertainty or a breach of the Terms & Conditions the provider retains the winnings.


To take part in our program, it's required to fill out and submit our sign up form. Each participant is allowed to sign up 1 account for our program. It's strictly prohibited to sign up multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning.

Eligible people:

To be eligible for our program you must be at least 14 years old. Furthermore the participation is not restricted to the providers clients or dependent to any kind of purchase.
Parents or legal guardians are responsible for participants who have not reached majority.
People can be excluded or disqualified by the provider for justifiable reasons, such as:
(i) Breaching these terms of participation or the terms & conditions
(ii) Wrong or misleading statements in connection with the contest
(iii) Signing up with multiple accounts to increase your chances of wining
(iv) Manipulations in connection with the contest.
The provider holds the right to permanently ban user accounts.

Transmission of the winnings

If a contestant reaches a balance of 10'000 Tokens a withdrawal can be requested. Each request will be verified manually and executed within 3 to 7 working days. Transaction fees will be paid by the contestant. The provider reserves the right to decide whether or not to pay out in an event of uncertainty.

Applicable law

Questions or remarks relating to the program may be addressed to the provider. Contact opportunities can be found in the legal notice area of the website.
The program is exclusively subject to the Swiss law. There is no recourse to legal action.


If a provision of this agreement is or becomes legally invalid or if there is any gap that needs to be filled, the validity of the remainder of the agreement shall not be affected thereby. Invalid provisions shall be replaced by common consent with such provisions which come as close as possible to the intended result of the invalid provision. In the event of gaps such provision shall come into force by common consent, which comes as close as possible to the intended result of the agreement, should the matter have been considered in advance. Any changes or amendments to this Agreement must be in writing to become effective.

Thanks for participating in our program!

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