Our affiliate program:

First of all, we'd like to explain to you what an affiliate program is and why it's useful for both you and us. If you already know how things are working and you're just here for your affiliate link scroll down a bit.

As you may know, our website generates money through advertisments. If we have more users who are using our service we can earn more money. To give you something back too we decided to give you + 1 chance per day for each affiliated user. All you have to do is to share your personal link with your friends. As soon as a friend of yours signs up to our service you will be rewarded.

Your affiliate link is as followed: http://www.easybucks.ch/signup?affiliate=0

Abuse of our program:

There are a few rules you have to follow using our affiliate program:
1. You are not allowed tosign up with multiple email adresses just to benefit from our affiliate program.
2. You are not allowed to perform any illegal activities to receive more affiliates.
If we catch you in the act of abusing our program your accounts chances and tokens will be reset.

Affiliate PLUS program:

If you are a person who can reach a lot of people like a blogger or a big YouTuber you'd fit perfect for our Affiliate PLUS program. We'd love to make a deal with you personally. If you think you're suitable for our program contact us here: business.easybucks@gmail.com

Here are some advertisements:

We need a lot of ads to pay you as much as possible!